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TParam is a named set of classes that relate to parameters to objects in Super Mario Sunshine. They are used to assign a value to a functionality in an object. There are many types of TParam classes.


TParams is a basic class that does not inherit from anything, it's a base class. It doesn't seem to load a vtable by itself, it may be loaded and stored from an external source.

class TParams
	int load(char const *);
	void load(JSUMemoryInputStream&);
	void init();
	void finalize();
	int* _0;
	int* _4;


TBaseParam describes a single parameter. It is mostly used in class constructors to define a parameter for that object, with a few arguments. Usually after the class has been constructed, a member of type float, int, or short is defined and initialized right after the instance of this class.

class TBaseParam
	TBaseParam(TParams *, unsigned short, char const *);
	void load(JSUMemoryInputStream&);
	int* vtable; // _0
	short _4;
	short _6; // padding?
	char _7; // ^^
	int _8;
	int _C;